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What Smokers Can Learn from Non-Smokers

What Smokers Can Learn from Non-Smokers

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Smoking used to be cool—all the Hollywood greats lit up on film. The school rebels did it. It was a sign of maturity and going against the man.

But times change.

Back in the time that Audrey Hepburn looked glam with her cigarette holder, or Bogey looked tough while chain-smoking, the majority smoked. But smoking has been in decline for a long time. If you’re still a smoker today, you’re increasingly out of date, out of fashion – and out of pocket.

Smokers no longer look hard or sexy – especially not when they’re attempting to hide from the rain while lighting up a cigarette.

The thing to remember is that many non-smokers are ex-smokers themselves.
They know it’s hard to give up – but also know it’s possible if you make the effort.

This is why non-smokers don’t think that smokers are cool – they know it’s difficult to quit, but if they managed to quit, why can’t you?

But don’t take this badly. The quitting process is different for everyone – some find it easy, others hard, and different methods work differently for different people. But the fact that there are so many ex-smokers out there shows that you can turn this around.

How to become a non-smoker

One of the key things smokers need to do to successfully break the habit is change their mindset. That can be hard – not least when nicotine is tickling the reward centres of your brain, chemically altering your body to crave more and making you feel good when you’re smoking and terrible when you’re not.

The first, most important step is to acknowledge that quitting is possible. Others have managed it – and so can you.

Every nasty look or disgusted cough from a non-smoker shouldn’t be resented, but be seen as a sign that a smoke-free life can be yours.

And every offer of help or advice from an ex-smoker should be taken in the spirit it is intended – they want to help you to break free.

The next step is to start to prepare for your quit, and speak to a healthcare professional to maximise your chances of success.

It may be hard to stop smoking, but there are ways to make it easier – with the right advice and support, you can do it too.

Millions of others have managed to give up, going on to lead healthier, less smelly, drier, warmer and wealthier lives. Why not join them?

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