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10 problems only smokers will understand

10 problems only smokers will understand

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It can be tough being a smoker… Here are ten problems most smokers – especially those who want to quit – have faced.

1) “Sorry, it’s my last one. Honest.” Whether you’re the one saying it or the one having it said to, it’s a phrase that leaves everyone feeling embarrassed.

2) Lending someone your dodgy lighter and having to stand around awkwardly apologizing for it being rubbish while they desperately try to get it to stay lit.

3) Blisters on your thumb from that same lighter, because despite wasting nearly a tenner a day on cigarettes you don’t want to pay 50p for a new one.

4) That frustrated, angry panic when you’ve lost your lighter, are gagging for a cigarette, and start tearing the place apart looking for something to light up with – all the while cursing yourself for not being able to resist the urge.

5) Getting out of breath climbing up some stairs, and being overtaken by someone who looks older and should be much less fit than you.

6) That tickle at the back of your throat that you just can’t get rid of, no matter how much you gargle or cough – and the paranoia that comes with it: “Is this the first sign of something more serious? How long should I leave it before I go see a doctor? Will smoking another make it worse or better?”

7) Finding a burn hole in your favourite jacket, having no idea when it got there, but knowing that it can’t be fixed and your smoking habit’s just wasted you yet more money.

8) That empty feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when it’s cold, wet and windy – but you’re dying for a cigarette, and know you’re going to end up going outside anyway.

9) That annoying self-hate you get when you’re a day or two into a quit attempt, are having a major craving, and find yourself snapping at a loved one who’s only trying to help and support you.

10) Finding yourself on autopilot at the till, and asking for a pack even though you know you want to give up. Paying for them even while regretting it. Then tearing open the wrapping before you even get outside the shop and lighting up despite knowing that you shouldn’t. That you don’t want to. That you want to stop. But continuing to inhale even while thinking all this. You don’t have to put yourself through all this. Smokers who speak to a healthcare professional are four times more likely to succeed at quitting.

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